One of the institutional agenda of Tytana is to create institutional pride and identity. It aims to produce graduates with an edge, the Tytana edge. That is why Tytana designs and plans programs to equip its students with values, skills and trainings that will prepare them for any work environment when they graduate.

Through the revitalized services of the Directorate for Student Affairs, students would be encouraged to adopt a self-directed and planned approach to all-around development.

In addition, the whole Tytana community, particularly the Directorate for Student Affairs, will be able to provide a holistic formation by harnessing the students' optimum potential, utilizing a broad range of knowledge, ultimately ensuring that Tytana graduates have the edge to succeed.

The ePortfolio (or Edge Portfolio) Project is a documentation of a Tytana student's co- and extra-curricular activities. It is concretized in the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Program, which is a menu of student activities based on seven (7) areas, namely:

The educational thrust of Tytana revolves around six (6) core qualities that make a Tytana graduate stand out from the rest of the field, anywhere in the world. Anchored on Tytana's 6 Cs which are Caring, Competent, Committed, Creative, Culture-Adaptive, and with Competitive Advantage, S.P.E.C.I.A.L. will complement the General Education Program wherein soft skills will be developed.